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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stone Crab Marketing Department

The end of the holidays does not mean the end of fabulous eating.  One of the best treats from the ocean is stone crab claws from southern Florida. In case you didn’t catch our latest “press”,  the venerable Atlanta Journal and Constitution ran an article in their In Season section on Christmas Eve about stone crabs.  They came out to our Milton location to shoot photos of our stone crabs and interviewed me for information for the article.  In case you missed it, click here to read about how awesome stone crabs are.  And how awesome Kathleen’s Catch is!

Despite our fame and fortune, when it comes to promoting our stores and our product, here’s what the Kathleen’s Catch advertising department looks like when spending a late evening creating a new marketing program:

It’s Mike, Joel and Sara making signs to promote medium stone crabs for $17.50/lb!!

And here’s our Chief Marketing Officer with his official statement on stone crabs:

I guess you could say stone crabs from Kathleen’s Catch are from my family to yours.  Stop by to say hello and pick up some stones to tickle your fancy.    Happy New Year!