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Friday, January 23, 2015

Cudos, Fish Ladders and What's Good This Week

Dear Fish Fans,

I sent out a few customer emails after the holidays to make sure that all seafood holiday meals went as planned. For the most part, everything went very well! I thought I would share this email from Jamye Swick about her holiday meals because I am very very proud of the role we are playing in keeping our customers stress-free and healthy.

Hi Kathleen,

As you can see I have started the New Year a bit behind. I did want to tell you
that my Christmas order was terrific and we decided to start a new tradition
of cold seafood pick up buffet during Christmas Day instead of
pulling out the china and crystal for the ham or turkey.

My New Year's order was great too. I picked up your Cioppino recipe kit
for 8 on Tuesday. The girls packed all up for me in ice and I headed to our
house in Big Canoe. Wednesday we had 3 couples come up and join us for
Cioppino New Year's Eve dinner. I used the recipe Sara emailed me and
all came out grand!

Having all the seafood all ready to go (I even had you shell the shrimp)
made attempting this new recipe less intimidating and helped this
"not so great" cook willing to dive in. I got rave reviews! Just served
thick slice Italian bread to dip in Cioppino broth and Gelato for desert. 

With out a doubt, since you opened your shop, Michael and I are
eating sooooo much more fish than we used to.
Thanks for helping us be more healthy!!


More About Atlantic Salmon

When I wrote last week about the disintegration of the wild Atlantic salmon population, I tried to be brief and not overwhelm you with too much detail. In fact, I think my post was misleading in that it appears that I was faulting fishermen for the collapse of the fishery. The biggest culprit in the collapse was the construction of dams all along the rivers that were breeding grounds for the fish. Once the dams were built, the salmon could no longer reach their spawning areas to reproduce. It might be too late for the Atlantic salmon population, but one way the Pacific stock is being protected is by fish ladders. Here is a picture of a salmon making its way up the ladder next to the Nimbus Dam near Folsom, California.

And just because I have never seen this in real life and think that wild salmon are some of the most interesting creatures on earth, here's another salmon picture. It's an awesome sight, isn't it?

'Tis Not The Season
The season for halibut ended in November but we are getting some beautiful Pacific halibut that was frozen at sea. It's very close to the quality of our fresh halibut and a treat during the winter months when halibut used to be unavailable. Give it a try!

This Week's Specials
Two great fish at great prices. I just couldn't choose between them:

Fluke Flounder - $11.65/lb
Alaskan cod - $9.99/lb

Something New On Our Shelves
Check out the gorgeous dishware we have on display. It's hand-painted and perfect for serving your next seafood dinner. Let us know what you think.

Catch to Go
Why not give yourself a break one or two (or four) nights this week and let us do the work for you? These meals are so much better than restaurant take-out because they are hot and fresh right out of the oven. All you do is preheat the oven and bake!

Lemon Rosemary Salmon with Roasted Potatoes
Hoisin Glazed Cod with Asparagus
Mango Grouper over Coconut Rice
Ginger Sea Bass with Wilted Greens

Whole Fish This Week
Stuff with lemon slices and fresh herbs and bake or grill. Delicious!

Black Bass

Oysters This Week
(We shuck 'em for $.25)

Duxbury (my favorite - big and salty)
Blue Point
Sweet Jesus
Kumamoto (from the west coast)

Discount Freezer
Rockfish - a pretty little flatfish
Barramundi - pick up a recipe card when you get this fish
Rainbow Trout
Black Drum

And Finally
The last few days have been lifesavers. Dropping spring-like weather right smack dab in the middle of winter is simply a gift. The cold and wet was getting to me and I was desperate for fresh air and sunshine. We still have a ways to go before we get the spectacular spring for which Atlanta is famous. But after the last few days, I think I just might make it until April. The world looks like a much better place when you are squinting in the warm sun, doesn't it?


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