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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day a Day Late

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm ashamed to say that that an entire month has gone by since I have written a blog entry.  Believe me, it's not because I haven't wanted to write - I could sit and blabber all day long on this blog if I had the time!  Too much going on at Kathleen's Catch these days and I just have trouble finding the time to gather my thoughts.

Well, here's some news:

Destiny Meredith comes to us from the panhandle of Florida so she knows a thing or two about fish! Destiny lives in Duluth with her husband, Tyler,  and her son, Cameron.  Stop by to say hello and take a listen to her awesome southern drawl. :)))

This week's special is wild striped bass for $18.50/lb.  I love love love this fish with the flavors of wild mushrooms, wild rice and balsamic.  Let's see.  Wild striped bass, wild mushrooms and wild rice - you are going to have to work on behaving yourself with a wild dish like this.

St. Patrick's Day means Guinness and corned beef.  I'm not about to give you a recipe for corned beef and cabbage although it was my mother's  favorite dish.  Being an Irishwoman, she also loved boiled potatoes.  Erin go Bragh! So let's try to live a few extra years, shall we, and substitute Irish Fish Pie for the corned beef.   This dish is loaded with cheese and butter lest you think you are getting off too lightly.  But at least Fish Pie won't make you thirsty like corned beef and it doesn't get stuck in your teeth.

Serves 8
Southern translation provided by Destiny...

1-1/2 lbs cod or other white fish(Is there another white fish besides catfish???)
2 ounces butter
2 ounces flour
1/2 liter milk (just a smidge over 2 cups)
3-1/2 ounces grated cheese (Velveeta)

Scone Topping (Biscuit Topping)
1 cup flour
2 ounces grated cheese (or Velveeta)
2 ounces butter
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 pinch salt
1 egg yolk

1.Place fish fillets in the bottom of a round oven dish. (A deep dish pie plate)

2.Make a cheese sauce with the butter, flour, milk and grated cheese and pour over fish.

3.Make scone (biscuit) dough by rubbing the butter into the flour with baking powder and pinch of salt.

4.Add grated cheese and drop egg yolk into the mixture and add enough milk to make a workable dough.

5.Roll out to a thickness of 1/2" and cut into small rounds with a scone (biscuit) cutter.

6.Drop these rounds on top of the fish mixture so that they just about cover the surface and then glaze them with a little milk.

7.Sprinkle some more grated cheese over them and bake at 450F for 25-30 minutes or until the scones (biscuits) are golden brown.

Ireland is not as far away from Johns Creek as you thought :)

This week's Catch to Go selections are: 

Teriyaki Baked Steelhead over Linguine
Red Snapper with Lemon Dill Cream and Roasted Potatoes
Oven-Fried Catfish with Green Beans
Asian Barbeque Glazed Cod with Asparagus
Heather and Alan Collins have been traveling again and sent me this picture from Louisiana Lagniappe in Destin, Florida.  Soft shell crabs the size of the plate!!

Our softshells typically come from the Chesapeake and they are behind schedule up there due to the cold weather.  We are looking for them to arrive here in late May.  Give us a call and get on our watch list to be the first to know when softshells arrive!

Again, sorry to be so long in writing.  I promise to be back on track now.  I miss writing to you and you writing to me.  Let's stay in touch!



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