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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Deals in the Discount Freezer

Hey Ya'll,

We are well underway now at our new store in Milton and we are so happy to have met many wonderful people!

When I first opened my store in Johns Creek I would send out a pretty lengthy email every week describing all the plans I had and giving recipes that I had actually tested.  I wrote and wrote and wrote some more about all the fish I sell and why you should buy it from me instead of my competition.  If I do say so myself, my emails became quite popular.  As I gained confidence, pictures of my grandchildren and my dog started appearing and I began telling stories about things I love or things I find particularly funny in addition to fish stuff.  The emails worked!  In fact, they worked so well that my business grew and grew and after a while I didn't have time to write them anymore! 

These days I am still busy but I think it is important that  all our new friends in Milton know about who we are and what we sell.  They need to learn about sustainability and aquaculture and new ways to cook fish.  And they probably would like to see a photo or two of my grandchildren.  (Who wouldn't? I have really cute grandkids).  Besides,  I still have a lot of stories I'd like to tell to anyone who will listen or read...


I'm back.

I want to tell you about one part of our business that is very important to our success:  the discount freezer.  In Johns Creek it is that little white freezer across from the fish cases.  In Milton, it is the last door of the display freezer.  These freezers hold a treasure trove of fish!  If we don't sell the fish in our fresh cases in two days, we vacuum seal, freeze and mark it down 20%!  The fish in these freezers are still wayyy better than grocery store fish.  You can pick up fresh fish for dinner tonight and get some frozen for dinner tomorrow.  Buying this frozen fish helps us keep our prices down because we never have to throw fish away.  

To let our new Milton customers know about the discount freezer and to remind our Johns Creek customers about it, we are having a BOGO sale!  You pay for the more expensive package, we give you the cheaper one.  That, my friends, is a deal.   

Here's what's in the discount freezer this week:
Verlasso salmon 
Rainbow Trout 
Black Drum 
Steelhead Trout 
Maki Shark 
West Coast Dover Sole 
Red Grouper 

Again, thanks to our new Milton friends for such a warm welcome and thanks to our Johns Creek friends for supporting us for 4 1/2 years.  We love all of you.

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