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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Johns Creek Vets, Thanksgiving Seafood and Oh My Cod

Dear Fish Fans,

Veteran's Day brings many people to a pause in their lives, to take a moment or longer, and appreciate the sacrifice of loved ones and the sacrifice of strangers.  Johns Creek used the day to make a considerable statement about the value of our veterans by dedicating the Veterans Memorial Walk at Newtown Park.  It's a somber and beautiful tribute to the veterans of Johns Creek and it's right here in our neighborhood.  Plan a visit to remind yourself that this wonderful life we live here came neither easily or cheaply.

Fin Mail ( This week from our facebook page)

I just read this weeks' newsletter (loved it, as usual!) and I had to tell you...we ate at Cypress last weekend in dining companion said those oysters were the best things he has EVER eaten. I was planning to stop in and see you sometime to tell you about them. Is there any chance you might be able to recreate that dish?? You would be my hero!

Phyllis Sterling Angle

Phyllis – I’m working on it! I'm hoping one of our readers has some pull in Charleston and can get us the recipe.  Maybe I should offer a small reward???

I’ve waited almost 4 years for this to happen.  We made the bigtime!! In the AJC!  I’m going out to get some new dark sunglasses to wear around the city now that we are flat out famous!  Let's see - I might need to hire a secretary and a body guard and a publicist and a biographer.... 

Here's the link if you want to share in our two minutes of fame:

Who the heck eats seafood on Thanksgiving?  Well, how about the Pilgrims?   Seems logical to me that a week-long feast in 1621 near the Massachusetts shore would include oysters and lobsters.  So make your Thanksgiving truly authentic and include some of these fruits of the sea. It's very possible that Miles Standish preferred roasted oysters over an open flame and enjoyed lobster instead of venison.  

I'll have plenty of shucked oysters in the jar for your oyster stew and oyster dressing.  And you won't be able to beat our selection of raw oysters in the shell for roasting or baking or just shucking to eat raw while you watch football before dinner.

And for lobsters - we have Maine tails and Caribbean tails in our freezer.  It wouldn't hurt to order ahead if you need a large quantity.

If you are thinking of cooking live lobster over the holidays, let me remind you of why you should buy them from me.  Once a lobster leaves the ocean water, they no longer eat, becoming thinner and thinner on the inside until there is hardly any meat left.  Did you know that it is possible to buy a lobster from a grocery store tank that is still alive, yet has almost no meat.   Unless you are very familiar with how much a certain sized lobster should weigh, you would not know how much meat is in the shell until after you cook it!  That's a little too late, wouldn't you say?  

I don't keep a lobster tank in my store.  Instead, my lobsters come down from Maine three times a week; they are very fresh, fat and full of meat. All you have to do is order one day in advance.  (Sorry - no live lobster deliveries on Sunday.) 

Live lobster prices this holiday season are:  to 1.5 lb.           $12.99/lb
1.75 lb                            $14.50/lb.
2 - 2.25 lb                      $15.50/lb.
2.5 - 3 lb                        $15.99/lb.
3.0 and up                     $15.99/lb.

Stop by and let's discuss how we can make your Thanksgiving dinner spectacular!     

Catch To Go

Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with Green Beans and Asian Cilantro Sauce
(this is the staff favorite)

Orange Roasted Steelhead with Caper Finishing Sauce 
over Orange Parsley Jasmine Rice
(I'm smelling this rice cooking while I am writing this.  It's mouthwatering!)

In the Discount Freezer
Coho salmon, steelhead trout, rainbow trout, black bass, snapper, corvina, cobia, mahi, pompano, Arctic char, pollack, cod, hake, haddock, grouper, black drum, flounder, tuna, swordfish, catfish, kampachi, striped bass, barramundi, wreckfish, amberjack, wahoo, monkfish and rockfish

In the News
The cod you find at Kathleen's Catch is Pacific cod from Alaska, Washington and British Columbia.   This is a good thing for you because Atlantic cod fishing has been halted in the Gulf of Maine for the entire season.   Starting yesterday, November 12th, no one can catch any cod in the Gulf of Maine from Provincetown, Massachusetts up to the Canadian border.  It’s a sad day when monitors from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declare the cod population in the Atlantic to be only 3 to 4 percent of the population necessary to be sustainable.  This recent restriction marks the most severe ban on cod fishing in history. 

This is where I get on my aquaculture soapbox.  With 7 billion hungry people straining the natural resources of our world, we simply must get past the negative results of early attempts at aquaculture and recognize that some (not all) companies are doing an excellent job of growing healthy and sustainable fish.  Their work is ensuring that our descendants will be able to experience the pleasure of wild food from the sea.

And Finally 
On your to-do list this weekend, get some rest.  Get out your winter coat.  Plan a visit to the memorial at Newtown Park.  Eat fish.  Enjoy yourself.  Okay?  Come see me.


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